“If music be the food of love, play on,

Give me excess of it; that surfeiting,

The appetite may sicken, and so die.”

― William Shakespeare, Twelfth Night

"This is introducing the Sub-Jazz, Neo-African & post cultural  brand of music which is actually a colloquial and an afrocentric take on the true JAZZ . It is called THE ALFRESCO BEATS  - a kind of paradoxical, musical contraption!"


ALFRESCO RADIO is the Official channel of THE ALFRESCO BEATS PROJECT and is available on your Smart Speaker Systems on ALEXA and The Google Assistant via the TUNEIN Radio Service and App.

Simply say, "Alexa or (Hey Google), play Alfresco Radio on TuneIn. ........."

There is no picture that highlights the ALFRESCO BEATS PROJECT than that portrayed here which was produced by Adam Fossier (IG : @fossi_photo).

This is a traditional African painted facial mask portraying Traditional African richness however, there is something ingenious in this artwork.


The paint used here is actually an electrolytic substance that uses the human body 's electrostatic field to induce its glowing feature - actually a neon-bulb adaptation.


Hence we are capturing Afrocentricism in the futuristic (New, 'World' Music Concept) this is the musical theme called THE ALFRESCO BEATS PROJECT.


In these songs, you can hear, even, feel the strong influence and ambience of traditional and ethnic idioms interspersed with post-cultural, modern expressions - characterised by the oscillatory harmonic lattice, the fluidity of the melodic chain; the interlocking and overlapping musical rhythmic bands and the audio parallax ensuing....... this is the 'Alfresco' concept and theme of this beat.


The musical style, especially vocal techniques exploits the odd modal scales of the ancient Greco Roman and medieval era prominently the defunct Phrygian, Mixolydian and Plagal modes characterised in the sacred songs and solos of acts and choirs of that dispensation.


On listening intently to these tracks, you can hear, even, feel the strong influence of traditional and ethnic musical idioms interspersed with popular expressions as they strive to infuse the modern with the orthodox, the ethereal with the base and the transcendent with the colloquial.



"FRESH! ....."  -   Jwan Lewis, BPA Media Group (Gospel, R&B, Soul, Pop, Rap).


"Creative, unique and a little funky"  -  Alexander Johnston, CEO & Producer, CMI Music Group International.


 "Jazzy instrumentals for breezy days"  -  Terry Tschaekofske, Music Executive & Producer.


 “Jazzy, totally infectious and cool beat. Lush instrumentals with a fast-paced and appealing sound  ......... It's engaging and pulls you in while staying true to its Jazz roots. Wonderful!”   -  Culled from the "Crowd Reviews" at ReverbNation.





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