My Songs


"I love the way the artist sounds so peaceful, so relaxing, so down to earth and normal like I could actually connect with him on a more personal level and get to know him through his song".


"The instrumentals here are fun and exciting. They just make me happy to hear them and the production quality is very good. I would listen to this again for sure".


"The music is unique and entertaining. Although rather frenzied, it certainly commands attention. It's imaginative and the instruments have been mixed nicely in the production".

"......... He affirms that his songs were inspired by the Holy Spirit and were revealed in visions, dreams and other trance-like apparitions to him, these include...........


Pray For Mary Holy Blood Jubilant Triumphal Entry Freedom Joy A Happy Medley Freedom (Reprise) Joy (Reprise) Your Grace Is Enough Triumphal Entry (Torrential Bass Echoes) Hannah's Song Freedom (Epilogue) .......... and the instrumentals.


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